Rewind is a Finnish two-man music project started in 2001. Our primary objective is to compose tracks that satisfies our taste of music, not to make non-souled commercial shit.

"Rewind kicks many professionals' asses and is able to create great soundscapes. There are many kind of influences in Rewind's music, but still the futuristic sound is unique and fresh." -Olli Junes, YleX

:: members
Janne Mäntylä & Tuomas Virtanen


:: 15.08.2022
Third place in Assembly Summer 2022 Dance music competition! Big thanks to all who voted for us! You can download our entry Zeroes 2 Heroes from scene.org.

:: 01.04.2021
Still alive and kicking! Just finished composing the soundtrack for game called Destructo by KAIRA Deepware. Destructo is available now on Steam, go and buy yourself a copy! Main menu theme can be listened on our Youtube channel.

:: 22.08.2018
Holy throwback Batman! Exactly 20 years ago Vision was played at Electronic Dreams rave happening (featuring Darude, Deviser, Jean Nine etc.) somewhere near Köyliö (Finland) and won the public vote in the competition arranged by the organizers. To celebrate the 20th anniversary we have remastered Vision and released it to public. Enjoy the nostalgia on Youtube!

:: 13.11.2017
New single Night Crawler out now! Find it on Youtube and soon on your favorite digital music store.

:: 16.08.2017
We have re-released 2:30pm. You can listen the remixed and remastered version on Youtube. Spotify, iTunes etc. will follow.

:: 04.07.2017
Completely new simple and easy-to-use website design.

:: 31.03.2014
Time for another single! Ignition now on Youtube and soon on several digital music stores!

:: 06.05.2013
Check out our new single Higher (feat. Eveliina Tammenlaakso) on Youtube!

:: 30.11.2012
Our new single Child of Shadows has been released! You can listen it on our Youtube channel.

:: 09.09.2012
Some tweaks on the website's layout. And a new single coming soon, stay tuned!

:: 01.08.2012
You can now find us also on Soundcloud!

:: 27.04.2012
Arsenal of Democracy is finally on Spotify!

:: 07.08.2011
Big thanks to all the voters, we placed 5th in Assembly Summer 2011 Music competition! You can listen our entry Kakkonen on Kekkonen on Youtube.

:: 06.06.2011
Arsenal of Democracy now available on iTunes and other popular digital music stores.

:: 24.05.2011
Our second album Arsenal of Democracy has been released! Order your own copy by mailing us info@rewind.fi (8€ incl. posting in Finland).

You can listen the track Sounds at Mikseri.net.

:: 16.05.2011
New promo pictures added.

:: 14.05.2011
Our next album is about to be released soon, stay tuned!

:: 18.01.2011
New release 2:30pm at Mikseri.net.

:: 06.12.2010
You can now vote our Sick Muse remix here. Thank you in advance for voting!

:: 05.11.2010
Menticide now on Spotify!

:: 17.10.2010
We have remixed Metric's brilliant tune Sick Muse. You can listen the remix here.

:: 30.08.2010
Menticide's covers fixed.

:: 07.08.2010
New website online, welcome!

:: 03.03.2009
Some minor updates. And we're still working on new material...

:: 18.02.2008
Ficora (Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority) decided to suspend our domain for three months. But as you can see we're back online! Stay tuned for new releases...

:: 02.04.2007
We are still alive! Check out the new release at Mikseri.net.

:: 30.09.2006
Now you can get a music pack for Flatout 2 including music by Rewind and other Mikseri.net artists! Go and download the addon from here.

:: 15.08.2006
Again a new release at Mikseri.net!

:: 22.05.2006
Our debut album Menticide is now available at RecordOffice.net. You can buy the album as regular audio CD or in MP3 format. We also released couple of new tracks at Mikseri.net.

:: 30.01.2006
We have remixed Moodswing for Saraste. Check it out at Mikseri.net.

:: 24.11.2005
We have made a remix for Monophobic and it will be released next year by Ruff Traxx Recordings. A quote from their website: "Finnish electronic maverick Monophobic return in February 2006 with new album Tomorrows Turn Into Yesterdays on über-cool Ruff Traxx Recordings imprint. The album return to the sound of Monophobic's earlier work – features new tracks, remixes from Sound Industrial, Yoga Kills, Raumgleiter, Rewind, Bioluminance and Injure The Mist and old stuff 2000-2005 full of the usual fine tuned electro, breaks, high-tech atmospherics and exciting bleeps." Read more from here.

:: 05.09.2005
Blood Donation available at Mikseri.net.

:: 08.06.2005
Go listen Uranium at Mikseri.net.

:: 07.03.2005
New shit available again at Mikseri.net. Check it out!

:: 20.02.2005
We have cut the price of Menticide down to 5€. Big thanks to all of you who have supported us and bought the album already! Our new tune Bomb the Innocents is now available at Mikseri.net.

:: 29.11.2004
Go listen our new tune Not Forever at Mikseri.net.

:: 05.07.2004
New tune Kinetic available at Mikseri.net.

:: 20.06.2004
New website design.

:: 04.06.2004
Menticide has won the competition, thanks to you all who voted for us!

:: 02.06.2004
Go and vote for us in a demo competition at YleX. The voting will be closed 3.6. at 18.00.

:: 24.05.2004
Check out our new tune Giant Leap at Mikseri.net!

:: 18.04.2004
Some promo pictures added.

:: 22.03.2004
Menticide has been released, a few samples are available in the discography. You can buy your own copy from Kane Records.

:: 18.03.2004
Some new art is added into the media section. Our album is going to be released very soon, please be patient!

:: 26.02.2004
It seems we're going to miss the planned release date by a week or two.

:: 02.02.2004
Planned release date of our new album Menticide is 01.03.2004. Stay tuned!

:: 24.01.2004
New website opened, welcome!

Vision [2018]

01. Vision (3:46)

:: info
Cover photo by Jalcaraz (@Dreamstime). Won the public vote at Electronic Dreams rave happening on 22.8.1998.

:: links
Download cover art


01. Night Crawler (4:42)

:: info
Vocals by Steve "Steelyvibe" Libby. Cover photo by Stefan Schlosser (dexter13-sk @Deviantart).

:: links
Download cover art

2:30pm [2017]

01. 2:30pm (3:45)

:: info
Cover photo by Sandra Cunningham.

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Download cover art


01. Ignition (4:08)

:: info
Cover photo by Don Wells.

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Download cover art

HIGHER [2013]

01. Higher (feat. Eveliina Tammenlaakso) (3:41)
02. Higher (feat. Eveliina Tammenlaakso) (Extended) (4:35)
03. Nineteenninetynine (5:16)
04. Higher (Instrumental) (4:35)

:: info
Lyrics by Janne Mäntylä. Vocals by Eveliina Tammenlaakso. Additional vocals by Anu Leino & Morrisson. Special thanks to Kari Nieminen @Noisecamp. Cover photo by chaoss.

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Download cover art


01. Child of Shadows (3:20)

:: info
Lyrics by Eliryana Tamwyn, Tuomas Virtanen & Janne Mäntylä. Vocals by Jaakko "Deepickle" Paavola & Tuomas Virtanen. Additional vocals by Mandy Edge. Cover art by Gem "rockgem" Hart (rockgem @Deviantart).

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Download cover art


01. Under God (2:30)
02. National Security (4:02)
03. Obey (4:01)
04. Sounds (4:22)
05. Bomb the Innocents (4:22)
06. Confrontation (6:54)
07. Modern Times (4:07)
08. Uranium (5:20)
09. Cold Rain (3:47)
10. The Future We Choose (2:22)

:: info
Cover photos from National Archives and Records Administration. Track 4 and 9 contains a sample of This is war hosted by http://www.archive.org/, used under Creative Commons license “Attribution 2.0 Austria”.

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Download cover art


01. Elec Forever (4:27)
02. Fast Forward (3:20)
03. Menticide (2:52)
04. Smile (3:18)
05. Raw Ass (4:17)
06. Oxygenation (3:35)
07. Resurrection (3:19)
08. Acid Rain (3:03)
09. Alkaline (4:54)
10. Kill Myself (3:37)

:: info
Track #3 guitars by Esa Tanskanen and vocals by Anu Kivelä. Track #4 vocals by Aurora Kerveshi and lyrics by Matti Palosuo. Demo of the Week (23/2004) @YleX.

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Other appereances

:: Assembly Summer 2022 [4.-7.8.2022]
3rd place in Dance music competition. Download our entry from scene.org.

:: Destructo OST [31.3.2021]
Composed the game soundtrack for Destructo by KAIRA Deepware.

:: Assembly Summer 2011 [4.-7.8.2011]
5th place in Music competition. Listen our entry on Youtube.

:: Pop Art 07 [18.5.2007]
A fashion show by North Karelia University of Applied Sciences. Download the press release (in Finnish).

:: Flatout 2 music pack [26.9.2006]
A mod for Flatout 2 that replaces menu and ingame music. More info here (in Finnish).

:: Saraste - Moodswing (Rewind Remix) [30.01.2006]
A remix for Saraste, go listen it here.

:: Division - The Apparatus [31.7.2005]
Music for the demo The Apparatus by Division composed by Aikapallo feat Rewind. Released at Assembly '05.

:: Upteekki @Radiomafia [18.12.2001]
Gaia was played on the show.

:: Dancemob Lite @Radiomafia [16.03.2001]
Hypnotizin' was played on the show.

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